How to keep up with your Hotel's marketing in Covid time

With the covid crisis, the travel industry is facing its greatest challenge. The recommendations, policies and restrictions keep changing very fast. Professionals can hardly keep up the pace of change. 

We have put together some best practice to help you keep up with our hotel’s marketing in Covid time.

1. It’s time to revise your brand image:

Why don’t you use the downtime into updating your hotel’s marketing material. Covid time could be invested to update some of your outdated marketing material.

Obviously, most of you can’t invite a photographer to do a new photo-shoot, but you can use the huge network of freelancers to polish and refresh some of your old photos & any other marketing material.

2. Adapt your Search Engine Marketing approach:

Spend wisely – primarily targeting next summer onwards. Avoid bidding for brand-specific terms, as most big OTAs right now have suspended or massively reduced their campaigns. As a result, your property might as well come up first during a branded search.

3. Engage in Social Media

Let’s admit it: While asked to stay at home, most of us spend more time than ever on our phones, consuming social media updates. Use it as opportunity to raise awareness for your Boutique Hotel. Engage actively but be cautious, not to over-communicate. You can give updates on how your hotel is coping with the current situation or getting ready for better days, share personal insights, show how you engage in your community efforts or simply some regional updates.

4. Communicate with the right tone

Being present is an absolute must! But using an appropriate communication line. Avoid flashy sales messaging and make sure you follow your core values as independent hotelier. be emphatic, communicate honestly and transparently, answer all questions (preferably one-to-one) and use humour intelligently. 

5. Your domestic market is key!

This is the year to look at your fellow countrymen as your best customers, ever! Adjust your marketing messaging, your prices and your communications. People will refrain from travelling abroad, but will surely want to get out of their houses once this is behind us. Get ready to promote and offer the best Staycation experience to your guest !