Travelling after COVID-19 – Destination: Italy

400 travelers from 52 countries shared with The Boutique Vibe their travel plans, concerns, do & don’ts in a “post-COVID” world. Let’s have a specific look into travelers planning to visit Italy for the next trip.

  • In contrast with other Mediterranean destinations like Greece and Tunisia, Italy has a far more diversified profile of guests planning to visit the country for their next trip, compared to other Mediterranean countries like Tunisia or Greece: 70% of travelers intending to visit Italy in the coming months will come from various countries spread across Europe, Middle East, and the Americas.
  • 29% are of travelers are very eager to travel and visit Italy as soon as possible (two to four weeks after the restrictions are lifted). Nevertheless, the majority prefer to wait at least one to three months post the lift of the travel restrictions (43%), which is on par with the other destinations (40%).
  • Pretty much aligned with the seasonal preferences, 71% of travelers considering Italy intend to visit a beachfront location.
  • Compared to the overall destinations considered by our panel, cultural sites in Italy take the second spot (43%) way above the global average (25%). Merely 36% are willing to avoid big Italian cities which is significantly below the global average (67%) indicating that Italian city hotels could potentially fair better than their competitors in other countries.
  • Travelers visiting Italy will choose their accommodation for its location and nearby activities and attractions. Cancelation policy comes as the third criterion of choice, reminding us that there is still some uncertainty, due to the pandemic.
  • When asked about the COVID-19 related measures, Travelers want to see Italian hoteliers enforcing a flexible cancelation/change policy (79%), sanitization certificates (79%), and clear social distancing measures (57%).
  • Small and boutique hotels come head-to-head with large branded hotels/chains as the preferred type of accomodation. 64% of the travelers indicate the small properties among their top preferences while another 50% would prefer to stay at rental or holiday homes.
  • Guests will book their accommodation using trusted online platforms (43%), directly on the hotel’s website (29%) or they will be contacting the hotel directly (21%) via email or phone

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About this survey

The Boutique Vibe asked their followers about their hotel’s preference. More than 400 travellers from 52 countries, replied about their travel perspectives and accommodation preferences in a “post-COVID” world.