Boutique Hotel Barometer January 2020

Boutique Hotel Barometer January 2020

This first edition of the Boutique Hotel Barometer measures the business sentiment of small & independent hotels across the Mediterranean sea.

The report is based on a survey of a great number of hotels across Mediterranean countries, from Greece to Morocco, covering Italy, France, Tunisia, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Lebanon and more.  The survey took place in January 2020.

The main insights at the beginning of 2020 show that:

  • There’s overall a positive outlook for 2020 across the Med Sea, despite some concerns in Greece
  • 2020 started with a strong booking trend, with more than half of the hotels reporting an improved performance
  • There are increased concerns about COVID-19 and the wider softening of the global economy
  • Sustainability is consistently a top priority – communication around that might be an issue though.
  • Boutique hotels are confident about the use of technology, with 40% of them asking for more support when it comes to options and selection
  • Finally, an impressive 95% of the hoteliers are planning to further invest to enhance their properties in 2020

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